The Top 3 Areas Where Most People Lack Preparedness

When it comes to being prepared for a SHTF type of situation, people will fall into one of three categories. The first group doesn’t prepare at all. They live with the belief that they’ll somehow be able to handle whatever happens when it happens – or that it won’t happen to them at all.

They believe that there will always be adequate food and water supply to take care of their needs and the needs of their loved ones. They think that there will always be shelter for them.

They trust that in the event of a major disaster, the people in government positions where they live will have a plan to make sure everything gets back and up running quickly.

The people who do this are gambling with their lives that everything will turn out okay for them. When a major disaster hits, these are the ones who are scrambling for food and water.

They’re trying to hunt down medications, desperate to get what they need to ensure the health and survivability of their family. Because they don’t prepare at all, they face huge risks and will literally enter into a fight for survival because they weren’t prepared.

The second group of people do prepare somewhat. They realize how important it is that they should be ready to take action or do whatever is necessary to make sure that they and their loved ones are okay.

While they’re not completely prepared, they prepare enough to get by for a short term. They’ll set aside a week or so of food and water. But they don’t have any plans for long-term situations.

They don’t prepare for the event that something will disrupt their way of living for months or even years on end. These people won’t find themselves immediately scrambling for necessities, but they will reach that point eventually.

The third group of people prepares completely. If the world around them collapses into chaos, they’re going to survive. They have the food that they need to make sure that they eat for months – and even years.

They have things set aside to generate future food growth. This group makes sure that they have a good supply of water set aside. The means to clean and get to a supply of water when what they have set aside runs out is also part of their plan.

All of the medications needed for each family member are ready to go in the event of a SHTF emergency. They know who’s supposed to do what and how they’ll react if their plan has to kick into gear.

While they might end up in the middle of a stressful SHTF situation, it won’t be a chaotic mess for them when it comes to being able to survive. There are certain supplies and some actions that you need to take that are necessary for your survival and well being.

If you don’t make sure these steps are covered, when a SHTF situation does occur, you will lack the ability to have your basic short term as well as long term needs met.

But of all the steps that you need to take, there are three that you need to pay the most attention to – food, water and shelter. Unfortunately, it’s these three areas that most people don’t prepare well enough or don’t prepare at all – because they’re so used to never being without them that they take their access to them for granted.

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