SHTF Plans for Preppers & Survivalists –

When the Shit Hits the Fan – Will YOU be Ready?

Weather Disasters… Terrorist Attacks… War… Societal Breakdown…

Rioters, looting, and terrorist attacks.

Riots, looting, and terrorist attacks are increasing at an alarming rate…

When the SHTF, Will Your Family Be Caught in the Chaos – or Will You Be Able to Survive Without Fail?

Some people in the past have ridiculed those who were interviewed on TV and shown to be stockpiling supplies for “end of the world” scenarios.

But what they didn’t realize is that those storage supplies weren’t for some fictional alien invasion like Hollywood shows – but for real life disasters that are unfolding on TV on a regular basis.

…like Hurricane Katrina


…or 9/11


Many people are just now becoming aware of the necessity of survival preparation. It almost seems like a mainstream concept now, but you’ll still be in the minority – and have many predators to worry about once you’re fully ready for whatever may come.

Most People Have a False Sense of Security When it Comes to Their Survival

Many people rely on the media to help them get prepared when necessary. They assume they’ll get plenty of warning for bad weather or even terror threats.

And sometimes, they do. But no one could have predicted the devastation we encountered on September 11th. People weren’t ready for the lack of cell service, the transportation being unavailable, etc.

There are so many threats to our survival that we blindly think won’t happen to us. They’ll have to someone else, but not us.

They might look in their pantries and see quite a few canned goods and feel secure about waiting out a storm.

Or they know they have a hand gun locked away in the house, so they’re confident they could protect their kids if someone tried breaking in.

But nothing is packed that would allow them to get away quickly from their homes…

Nothing is stocked up to last them more than a long weekend…

Nobody else in the house knows how to defend themselves or how to communicate and find each other if they get separated.

It’s a disaster waiting to happen and when the SHTF, it’s these people who will initially feel safe, and quickly realize how unprepared they are.

When the SHTF, All Bets Are Off

People you didn’t think you had to worry about suddenly become threats during a true survival situation.

It’s every man, woman and child for himself.

While there will be some who mildly prepare for disasters, there will be a majority who don’t even have the basic supplies to get them through a 3-day situation!

Have you ever seen news broadcasts where they show empty store shelves due to the chaotic panic that occurs whenever a snowstorm is approaching?

Now imagine we get news that a solar blast will hit Earth and knock everyone off the grid for at least 3 months or more!

It would be a situation where no home was safe because someone would be out to steal what others have.

Are You Prepared for SHTF Situations?